Fellow Nigerians, our tomato worry days will soon be over

You know those tears you shed when they told you 6 plums of tomato will sell for 500 naira?

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Wipe your tears. We finally have a solution.

Nkem-Owoh Osuofia


We know the terrorist species responsible for the tomato shortage is the Tomato Leaf Miner aka Tuta Absoluta. It destroyed 80% of tomato farms in Kaduna and many other states.

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We watched as baskets of tomato went from 5000 to 21,000 naira.

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But now, our National Research Institute for Chemical Technology is kicking ass and they’ve come up with a solution.


Yes, we have one and they kick ass too.



According to BBC, the institute has created a pesticide that can finally kill of the moths.

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But there’s still a delay; it is not yet available commercially. But we bet they are doing everything to ensure they’ll be available soon.

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Fellow Nigerians, the wait will soon be over.



The pesticide will send the moths back to that special hell where all moths go.



And soon, someday soon, our Jollof shall no longer be red with tomato paste. It shall be red with the fullness of tomato juice.


photo: .lipstickalley
photo: .lipstickalley



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