Fellow Nigerians, have you blamed Buhari today? This one chance robber already has

These are sour times.



If you think you can escape 145/L, the forex is waiting for you. If you think you can escape that one too, try dodging the high cost of doing anything in this country?

Nene Leakes look at you

But you see, when the rain pours, it touches not only the flowers, it also feeds the weeds.



One Chance: a system of robbery where people you thought were your co-passengers and conductor ask you for all your money, very nicely, with a gun pressed against your back. Nope, they won’t give you change.



So this guy, Adeleke Razaq, 24, and his wing man, Lucky John, 22, have received the Nigerian Police treatment. The slaps are entering, while the confessions are coming out and testifying to the glory of the Lord.


Reporters swarmed the suspects as the Police paraded them and they were like:

Farouk Lawan questions

Reporter: So Razaq, how market?

Razaq: See, lemme not lie, we’ve not made much money since Monday.

Caleon surprise


No, Razaq and Lucky aren’t co-founders of a startup, Razaq runs a one-chance hustle. Hear him:

“We’ve been sharing between N20,000 and N40,000. Before, I could make close to N150, 000 daily.”

Hands on head1

So assuming they work 5 days a week, on an average, they’d be grossing up to N750,000/week.

Faint guy

So why don’t you make as much, they ask Razaq. He says, “We don’t make as much money as we used to. The economy in the country has affected our one chance business. Everywhere is dry.”

Sai Baba!

Falz boxer


Buhari’s anti-corruption war is not only smoking out people in Abuja, it is now sniffing out people in Ajegunle too.

Buhari media chat4


Back to the economy.

This harsh economy is clearly touching everybody. We hear that prostitutes in Calabar are even slashing prices.

crying woman


And what should follow is people flooding their offices. Naturally.



But still, customers have stayed away, and the ladies of the night have resorted to discounts and promos.

Is this life?

Caleon cry

Children say uncles no longer give money for biscuit.

Astro Crying

Daddy no longer forgets his change.

leaving crying


And as always, mummy is still not giving back all  the change she said she’s helping to keep.

chuzzu cry


Daddy Bubu, are you sure you didn’t put all of us inside one chance like this?



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When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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