Fati Abubakar is showing the important “bits of Borno” the world needs to see

Google Borno.

The first five results have a story about bombs going off, or people exchanging gunfire.

But Borno wasn’t always this way.


Borno was home to hardworking and good people who lived normal lives. Then Boko Haram happened.


Fast forward to today, and Borno is still home to hardworking and good people, who still manage to thrive in the midst of all the chaos, but we hardly get to hear about their struggles.

Enter Fati Abubakar.

Armed with a camera, Fati is telling everyday stories of life in Borno, as people try to get on with everyday living.

Everyday laughter.

Eyes that have seen very dark moments.

 The ones that strike really good chords in you.

And the swagging boys that make you want to just bump fists with them.

 The kids smiling through it.

To the ones who are living through all of it.

In the end, most of the people still believe in the one thing that keeps us striving when the odds are against us —hope.  



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