Faith vs Medicine: Stopping cancer in its tracks

In the 2015 film The Martian, the entire earth pulls its resources and goodwill together to rescue an astronaut left stranded on planet Mars in a mission that seems hopeless at first, but eventually succeeds.

Sometimes, fighting cancer feels that way.

While struggling to stay alive and find a cure to this diehard enemy, many people choose to go where hope leads them, and it is mostly one of these; chemotherapy or miracle healing.

We understand chemotherapy to be cancer warfare by way of chemicals and drugs that kill cancerous cells.

Miracle healing on the other hand is a little more tricky. It involves abandoning decades of medical research to seek a solution in faith, that somehow, a supernatural force is going to rid the body completely of cancer. A medium or a clergy, no matter the religion is usually at the centre of this type of healing.

The most popular of these faith healers is prophet T.B Joshua, the man who runs the Synagogue Church of all Nations.



T.B. Joshua like many others, claims to use the glory of God to bring healing to everything from stubborn headaches to death itself. There is not scientific evidence that he is a man of God, but then, there is no deifinitive scientific evidence for God either.

Whether TB Joshua, like many others, is a man of God or just the head of a circus will be left to your personal battles between faith and logic. One thing is certain, Cancer remains of the world’s leading causes of death in the world today.

Cancer is not a ‘rich man’ disease. It is a bomb that does not discriminate whenever it goes off.

Learn more about cancer today so we can all find better ways to prevent and fight it. Maybe, like Matt Damon’s martian, we will win the battle someday.

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