Every man everywhere can relate to these 14 struggles

This being a man business can go from 0-100 real quick and to be honest, there are some parts of it that women just don’t get.


1. When you have a boner in public.




That’s the only logical reason men cross their legs to be honest.

2. When you have a boner every single time.


Boner alert


This is probably the male equivalent of women getting their period impromptu, every single day.

3. You have it all worked out in your head when you want to pee.


snipe toilet


I got this, I got this.

4. But you completely fuck up in reality.


Sniper toilet


Why is life so fucked up?


5. The mini-panic when a guy uses the stall beside you out of many.


toilet beside


Are you here to kill me? Or….you know what? never mind.

6. When they expect you to be able to do everything, from change light bulbs to building spaceships because, Man.


Will Smith men in black


We need feminism please.

7. When every girl thinks you’re a pant chaser.


W4 Kontrol


Muzzbe misinformation.


8. But you’re just a gentle baby boy.




Akanbi your hero baybee.


9. And because you are just a gentle baby boy, you enter the friendzone.


chuzzu cry


No church in the wild.

10. When you just want to cry and everybody is saying to be a man.


Sad Chiwetel


Oh God!

11. When nobody is ever paying for you anywhere.


Depressed Chris Brown


Because you don’t have womb.


12. You can’t get gifts for your male friends without someone threatening you with 14 years.


Buhari behaVE


Brotherly love is not criminal please.


13. Everybody thinks you are a sugar boy if you marry a woman older or richer, or both.




Where is true love?


14. When you realise nobody will ever marry you if you don’t get your shit together.


Nervous gif


Well, shit.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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