Ebun and Tunmise’s colorful prewedding shoot and love story

Our wedding vendor, Oluwafemi Awobode has shared this adorable prewedding album with us, enjoy!
“Tummise was asked to get me a job but he eventually got me a life time job of being his wife. Here goes the story…….. I can say I met him through my mum as he observed his National Youth Service Corps (N.Y.S.C.) at her place of work. My mum was informed he could help me get a job. My mum pestered my life till I forwarded my C.V to him. I never followed up after I sent my C.V to him and he never got back to me, although he acknowledged receiving my C.V. I changed my phone and downloaded a new BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), unknowingly invites was sent out by email to my email contacts (I guess the new blackberry account was sending requests to people whom I have sent an email to before). Tunmise happened to be one of them. I was hoping to delete all the unknown contacts but I never had time to do it.


TUNMISE pinged me after a while asking who I was, as he got an invite from me. I told him to delete me that I can’t explain how that happened he did not and I forgot to delete him myself. Months Later, I used my mum’s picture as my DP on BBM, Tunmise chatted me up saying he knows my Mum that she is a staff where he served. Then I found out he was the one my mum asked me to forward my CV to. We started chatting but seldomly, After a while he asked me to be his friend, immediately I told him off and he backed off as well, nevertheless we kept on communicating once in a while.


Fast forward to my birthday the following year, I used my picture as my DP and wrote myself a birthday message. He wished me a happy birthday and also used my picture as his DP as well, Later on, he started chatting with me often and requested for my number. He started calling me all the time, every minute and every hour of the day. The relationship talk came up again and I blatantly refused. But he persisted and refused to back off like he did the first time. I told my friends about him and he became a comic relief to us as we were always making jest of him especially when he calls and they were around. Then his calls became more frequent and lengthier. He started discussing his future with me and then, I discovered we have so much in common. All this while we have not even met physically. It has always been PHONECALLs and BBM.


Unfortunately there were no video call on BBM then or on other platforms then except for Skype and the data charges then was not pocket friendly. Tunmise possesses some qualities I was looking for in a partner, this caused me to call upon my God for direction, and while I was doing this we arranged a meeting and he came down to my place from his place of work. The visit became frequent, despite no positive reply from me to him asking me out. I was waiting for a go ahead from God and also taking my time to study him. One day out of no-where my sister asked me in my mums’ presence WHO IS TUNMISE? I did not know they were friends on Facebook. My sister went on to tell me he has been disturbing her about me all this (my mum was still present).


Both of them started making funny comments about him and mum asked to see his picture. Upon seeing his picture, mum identified him as the guy that served in her school, she told me straightaway to chase him away that she knows he is involved with a lady already. Oluwatunmise had to prove himself to mum and everyone that he was no longer with the lady, but mum still went extra length to confirm his story. Then she joined me in prayers and we prayed till we heard from God. One of the things I love about Tunmise amongst many other things is his persistence. He intensified his effort to get me at a time when I was heartbroken. However, I will not say I gave him a chance because of what I was going through then but because I waited patiently for a go ahead from God. Till date I have never for once regretted the decision of being with him. #Ebunoluwatunmise2017# Ebunoluwa @giftedme photography @fm.foto.studio 1st outfit by the bride to be hersef @gifttedme””

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