Uche Aguh is on a relentless quest to ‘cure’ Nollywood, one film at a time

Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, Accountant, Good-for-nothing.

For the Nigerian parent about 2 decades ago, you could only be one of these. So when you say things like, “mum, dad, I want to be a visual arti…”

Samtakesoff triple slap

Uche Aguh grew up wanting to be a doctor. In fact, he ended up studying medicine at Howard University, USA.

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But you see, as Aguh grew up watching Nollywood in Nigeria, so did his passion to one day make movies and become an actor. 

At 10, his family moved from Nigeria to Texas in the United States.  

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With one year left to complete medical school and master the art of lifesaving, he knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to save himself too.

He told CNN;

It wasn’t about quitting. It was about saving my life.

And now, he has completed work on his film, “I Still Do”.

I still Do

And on a $4,400 budget, the images look great.

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Speaking about his Nollywood mission, he says;

I want to create a new Nollywood where young deserving filmmakers like myself, and others all around the diaspora can have the financial support of the industry to tell bold, brave and daring stories without artistic limitations.

Are you ready for Uche Aguh?  

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We are.




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