Denrele Edun celebrates 37th birthday with a ‘Jack Sparrow’ themed shoot and painted body

Popular Nigerian television host, Denrele Edun is celebrating his 37th birthday today, June 13, 2018.

Denrele who is known for his crazy dress and fashion sense, and his funny stunts to breed entertainment, has shared some photos of himself in celebration of his birthday.

He wrote:

“Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) is likable BECAUSE he is so charismatic. You know the type of people that are kind of an ass but you somehow still don’t find it in yourself to punch them in the nads? That’s DENRELE EDUN. HAPPY 37TH BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST FREE WILLED EXPRESSIVE BEING ALIVE; ADENRELE OLUFEMI ADEYEMI AKANBI SAMUEL (RAJEEV RAJA) EDUN. Captain Jack Sparrow is very passionate about his ship Black Pearl and feels that Black Pearl really stands for freedom. Which is why DENRELE keeps telling us that one should be passionate enough for what one really wants in life and should stand up and fight for it! CHANNELLING MY INNER CAPT JACK SPARROW!”

Check out the photos below;



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