Delta meets Yoruba: First photos from Tobi and Efe Obodo’s destination white wedding

A few weeks back, we featured the colorful photos from the traditional wedding of inter tribal couple, Tobi and Efe Obodo which in Lagos.

Over the weekend, the couple had their white wedding in Atlanta, Georgia and here are photos from the occasion.
How we met

A mutual friend, that I went to business school with, introduced us. They were at a party and Efe mentioned that he was single so she showed him my picture and she called me there and then to talk to me. We clicked briefly , and then suddenly we were out of touch for over a year, until the Lord touched him to give me a call again out of the blue. And the rest is history… Lol!!!



My big 30th birthday was coming up and I was feeling down a little because it was significant and I had just moved to ATL (Atlanta) to be with him. My besties and friends In San Francisco,CA wouldn’t have been able to make it.

So in the spur of the moment, we booked a trip to Jamaica for my birthday and I mean we bought it two days before we went away… lol, yea we are spontaneous like that

So I wasn’t expecting a proposal; it was too short notice. After enjoying most of the trip touring and doing all the needful… lol; He suddenly says’ Get dressed we are going for dinner’

I said ‘there are nice restaurants at the resort so why do we need to go that far’

He said ‘Just dress up’

I reluctantly got ready, it was such a beautiful Italian restaurant by the ocean. So I assumed it was a birthday dinner. We had finished the scrumptious meal and I was ready to go but my dear Efe with his sweet tooth wanted dessert. I wanted to share his but he said ‘No’ and asked me to get my own, but I didn’t want to because I was full. I had the ‘I’m mad’ face because I thought he was being selfish. Lol!

Apparently, my dessert plate when it finally came had the words ‘Will you marry me?’ and before I knew what was happening he was on his knees, with a damn beautiful ring.

Fun Fact 1: When the waiters were coming with the dessert plate; that was when me Oluwatobi decided to go use the bathroom – thankfully I didn’t notice.

Fun Fact 2: There was a man lingering around our table with a camera on his neck and I asked my love – Efe , ‘doesn’t it seem weird that this guy has just been loitering around us?’ Unknowingly, Efe had scheduled a photographer to take pictures of the proposal.

Isn’t he the best. I love him with all my heart.



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