Chioma Nkemdilim is showing us important stories from Nigeria’s civil war

The Nigerian civil war remains the darkest years in national history. The war lasted 2 years and 6 months, killing about 2 million people. Millions more were left scarred.

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Most of the stories remain untold. What we have are tiny bits here and there, but someone is changing that.

Meet Chioma Nkemdilim.

Nkemdilim founded The Civil War Projects to curate stories from the Nigerian-Biafran war for now and the future.

In a Facebook post, Chioma tells us that the “project aims to tell the human stories and not the political ones. To capture the experiences of soldiers and civilians on both Nigerian and Biafran sides. The plan is, in addition to the memoir, to make a documentary and an archive where all the footages and recordings (video and audio) will be made available to the public.”

TCW projects
Image Credit: Leke Togun

If you are/know someone willing to share their war time experience (on the Nigerian or Biafran sides, civilian or military), email [email protected]

Image credit: Ogeche Agba

Follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Soundcloud, Youtube, and on their website.



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