China has banned ‘seductive’ banana eating; here are 7 other foods we think they should ban too

Nope. You can no longer take Banana till you go yo in China.

D Prince


According to CCTV news, in an attempt to clamp down on inappropriate and erotic content online, Chinese streaming services have recently banned the people filming themselves eating bananas “erotically”.


And we’re just like.

Kanye seriously


Since China are about the bye-bye-to-banana-porn life, we decided to suggest a few more things they can ban.

1. Like the seductive drinking of milk.



Because, when you take milk away from babies, it becomes adult content.


2. Pizza has to go too.

eating pizza

Because Pizza is wet, cheesy, and does great things to the mouth.


3. Apples have to go too.

eating apple

Because apples are about the size of oranges, and you know what people say about women and these things.


4. Have you seen the way some people lick ice cream? Going.

Licking ice cream

Just so the kids don’t learn bad stuff.


5. Can this list be complete without lollipops? Hell no.


This one is so critical Lil Wayne made a song about it.


6. Nope. No way we are keeping water melons.

Eating melon


Just because a lot of men kiss like this.


7. Aha! To the big one, can we just ban people too?

Leonardo fist

Since he’s eating himself. That would just make the job extremely easy, and we won’t even have to be here to do all of these.


There you have it, we just did China’s for them, free of charge

. Okay Uncle China, can you tell us the nature of the deal you had with Buhari now?

Tupac gif

Thanks. While you’re at it, we’ll be here waiting with our sugarcane.





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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