Charles Okocha has finally earned his ‘Igwe Tupac’ status

Remember Amaru Shakur?


One of his most famous lyric is on the “Hit ‘Em Up” track where he says,

5 shots couldn’t drop me,/ I took it and smiled.

Guess who got shot 5 times in the torso? Charles Okocha aka Igwe Tupac.

CHarles Okjocha

According to reports, Igwe got hit by 5 stray bullets to his torso and one to his leg (the extra bullet was for the Igwe in the Tupac), when some mobile policemen were shooting recklessly some time in December. Five bullets to the intestine looks pretty bad, but the actor is making a quick recovery now.

He even shared photos.


And for the fans and haters, he dropped a freestyle too.



God did it put ma enemies to shame.God says he wld show mercy to whom he will how blessed I am


A video posted by Igwe 2pac (@charles_okocha) on


Check out his hit single ‘Snitching on my ess.’


We wish him a quick recovery.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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