Carolad wants people to lose weight, but they lost their sense with this ad

The economy is not kind and people will go to any lengths to sell anything. There is a line between advertising that sells, and advertising that pisses people off.

Carolad took that line, and wiped it off, squeaky clean.

Here we go again


Carolad sells weight loss products. This is what they did.

Man carries plus size babe to a restaurant. Another babe arrives restaurant, feeling the man.


Man settles into restaurant with his babe. Lady in red walks past. Guy forgets his date. Babe in red sits opposite and does those silly things they do in music videos


And then guy leaves the girl in the restaurant. The rest is bollocks.


We summarised the goal of the ad in one photo.

Kanye shit

Sniff sniff. Whats that smell? More bullshit.

Lets not even start to over analyse how they basically called the lady in red ashawo with the whole yellow cab stereotype. Or how the guy’s compass is not his brain but his penis.

Lets just focus on the fact that they broke one important rule of advertising.

Do. Not. Insult.

It is that simple really. You can be witty, funny, creative and what-not, but do not insult a person.

Unless of course that person is Donald Trump.



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