Can we talk about the obscene waste of tomatoes at Spain’s La Tomatina festival?

You need to understand first and foremost that I’m just an angry Nigerian woman who went to the market and discovered that 6 plums of tomato now cost 500 naira.

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But every has been buzzing about La Tomatina, the blasphemous famous tomato pelting festival in Spain.

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It’s that time once a year, where people from all over the world pelt themselves with tomatoes every last Wednesday of August. No my people, they are not pelting their pots, they are pelting themselves.



 So I looked into this number to understand the extent of trauma they are causing to the tomatoes.

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About 150,000 tomatoes are squashed, and wacked around. And it only takes one hour. One hour for 150,000 tomatoes to finish!

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Those tomatoes will cost 15 million naira if you buy them at a Lagos market.

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And no pricing oh! because if you price tomato these days, the sellers will just look at you as if you’re a mad person.



And that’s not even the worst part, the worst part is that when I did the kitchen maths, I discovered the biggest tragedy.

Make sure you’re sitting down.

tinubu wait for it

It is enough tomatoes to cook jollof rice for over 33,000 people.

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It is bad enough that Germany is dashing their citizens light. Let us not even talk about Switzerland wanting to pay their citizens $2,500 just for being citizens.

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But you see this tomato one,

We will not take it


But what are we going to do?

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Nothing. Nothing but hope these things killing our tomatoes stop or authorities find a way to make them stop.


Written by Jasmine, a freelance Accountant. When she’s not balancing books, she’s spending her free time sharing financial hacks on Twitter. Email her: [email protected]




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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