Can we take a moment to talk about Tiwa Savage’s interviewer, Azuka Ogujiuba?

Following Teebillz’s Insta-rant, Tiwa took 45 minutes of our Youtube time, and countless gigs of our data to let the emotions loose. It was a complete purge of everything she’d held back.

Tiwa interview

But can we please talk about Tiwa’s interviewer, Azuka Ogujiuba?


Ogujiuba is an entertainment, style/fashion and society Journalist with ThisDay Newspapers, and from pictures we have seen of her, it really does look like her face can come alive.

A photo posted by Azuka Ogujiuba (@zukiliciouz) on

We are still wondering why was she like this throughout the interview?

Stanley Hudson

You people should be fast abeg, we have beans to pick.

Not like we were expecting her to be jumping and clapping, but we just weren’t expecting her to look…indifferent.

We summed up her entire interview mood with the following photos.

When your lecturer is dictating note, and it looks like something you saw on Wikipedia.


Why are you stressing us please?

Or when you attend a workshop, but you can’t vex and leave because it is your personal money you paid with.


Closing remark please.

When you see your lecturer passing the exam hall, but he promised the questions in your front won’t come out.


Do you even know the meaning of conscience?

When your ex comes back to beg and you’re waiting for them to finish lying before you tell them to go to hell all over again.


*singing ‘Love the way you lie’ internally*

And then they drop one lie that you didn’t even know was humanly possible.


Waawu. Plenty creative. Much Satan.

When you cover your face with style so your invigilator won’t catch you asking for question.


Have you done number 2?

When one boy is telling you that he is the King of Edible Catering, but you’ve heard his one-minute gist.

Waawu. Is it nor you that used to knock out even before the main action will start?

In the end, we don’t exactly know if she wanted to be at that interview, or like we said, wanted to go and pick beans somewhere.

Maybe the story ruined her mood, or she just was not in her zone, but we forgive her.


And we’ll tell you why.

Remember that ThisDay Style cover that had Olajumoke Orisaguna looking up from it?

Olajumoke Thisday

Yep. Aunty Azuka made it happen.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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