Cameroon wants to take the war to Boko Haram using magic and we have the photos

You know that small thing on your skin that looked like a boil and you ignored it till your doctor said it was cancer? Yep. That’s Boko Haram.

After years of fighting, the people of Cameroon, have decided to take the battle against the insurgents a few notches higher.

Cameroonian journalist, Chief Bisong Etahoben, said chiefs of Cameroon’s eastern region are waiting to fight Boko Haram with weapons older than their AK47s; magic.

From the cache of weapons at their disposal, Shekau and his henchmen better be running as fast as they can. In the place of hand grenades, these guys have the fire spitting people.

Spit fire


To match Boko Haram’s guerrilla tactics of hit and run, there are telekinetic skill sets.


The hand weapons are easily matched by fireballs. No skin pain.

Jenifa fireball


And to match their RPGs and rocket launchers, there are the thunder benders.

thunder power


They can even use simple animal hair to stop bullets.

Idris Elba Bulletproof


With all these assembled, we bet Shekau is going to pick race.

Wollup Gif


But wait. Didn’t Dr Okhue Oboi, chairman of the Nigerian witches and wizards, tell us in 2014 that the days of Boko Haram are numbered?

Nigeria is supposed to be the giant of Africa, doesn’t that mean our juju should be as gigantic?



Anyway, there’s probably something in Cameroonian soup that makes them think their jazz will succeed where ours has failed.

We are sha watching.



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