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As they say, you only live once and you also only get married once (hopefully)! So if you want to make a grand entrance at your wedding reception and pull out all the stops with all eyes on you here’s how to do it:

Having performers at your wedding reception may match the theme if its set as a 1920’s party or even a carnival style set-up with food and entertainment. Think of hiring drummers, fire-breathers, acrobats and belly dancers to wow your crowd.

Horse and Carriage
Every queen needs to be addressed as one! Arrive with a white horse and carriage as some trumpets blow in the background. Expect your man to help you down from the carriage like the royalty that you are and step into the reception.

Flashy Car
If a horse and carriage is too old school for you, then choose to rent the car of your dreams for that day. While some couples want to ride in a classic limo, others will choose modern opulence in the form of BMWs, Audis and Phantoms.

Special Dance-off
Make a mash of your favourite party songs and rehearse a dance routine with your bridesmaids/groomsmen before the big day. Keep this as a secret among your wedding party so that the guests are surprised as you show off your best moves.

Ceiling Descent
If the reception venue just happens to have a glass elevator that can descend to the reception area, then use it! It will be the perfect classy entrance for everyone to see your designer suit or gorgeous reception dress.

Petal/Confetti/Balloon Drop
It’s celebration time! Choose from rose petals, paper confetti and balloons to fill the air and fall around you and your guests. Roses are expensive, confetti is cheaper, while balloons take a while to be blown up notwithstanding pick the one that matches your wedding theme and budget and have fun.

With few ideas in the bag and a creative mind, you can even merge two of these ideas together to attain full baller status at your wedding reception. For example, arrive in a white Rolls- Royce Phantom and have red and white rose petals drop over the reception area as you walk to the dance floor.

Good luck with making a grand entrance at your wedding reception!

Written by Feso Adeniji



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