Bridal inspiration: 8 ways to cut costs for your dream wedding

So you have a small budget but want a dream wedding and don’t just know how to make it work, worry no, we have got you covered!
1. Have a DIY decor
Months ahead of time before your wedding start creating your own centerpieces and other decor for the wedding, and if you’re not crafty find friends who can help you because among your friends someone is bound to have a shred of creativity in them.
This is alot better than spending hundreds of thousand on decor and centerpieces, Invitations and things to make your wedding look nice. Well you can make your wedding look nice and unique with your two or 10 friends hands working together!
2.  Try and stay away from Major Holidays
Not only is it unfair to your guests to make them come to your wedding on Christmas we’ll say but the other thing is Vendors and Services used for your wedding will go up substantially on Holidays or not even be open at all!
Do your research and plan responsibly, also it wouldn’t hurt to maybe hire a Wedding Planner to help out they’re experts and can take time and stress off your shoulders. Holidays are also a time for families to be together, not that your big day is not important but it’s just kind of selfish to plan it on a major holiday so just be ready to maybe not have any guests come if that’s what you want!
3. Have your Wedding outside
This idea is really becoming popular, it is a cheap way of having your wedding and is especially nice if you know someone whose willing to let you do it on their land or maybe at a Farm or just a nice spot. Get creative with it too if it’s something like a Field, put out lots of chairs and maybe some hanging lights above and a big Arch for you and your partner to get married under. These are all really inexpensive ideas.
4. Only invite people who are close with you
 I know I know it sounds harsh but when you over invite people to your wedding, that’s another mouth to feed, Space taken up and space is a big thing! So just narrow down everyone intimate to you like of coarse family and your soon to be spouses family but a friend you talked to in the hall in highschool 10 years ago maybe not.
5. Have Big Tables
The bigger the tables you have the more space there will be and everyone will have a seat.
This really will clear up alot of space.
6. Go with a DJ or a band you trust and have seen perform
It is a no brainer to not hire a band if you’ve never seen them perform before, do not just sign them because it’s last minute huge mistake made more frequently than you think.
Meet with the band or Dj and discuss the type of music and songs you want played and give them a list too so their prepared.
Talk about costs and how long the wedding is to last all of these things need to be discussed before the wedding. I have heard people waiting til the last minute to do these things and their wedding was a mess! So prepare.
7. Hire a friend who is an experienced photographer to take the Wedding photos
Play it on the cheaper side and just hire a friend who you’ve seen their pictures and have actual talent! Don’t just go with that one Instagram friend you have who decorates their pictures with fun frames get someone who actually knows how to take pictures and use photo shopping tools because you want those pictures looking spectacular
8. Lastly don’t stress on the Wedding Cake

Most people will tell you oh you need a Wedding Cake well no not really, it’s not totally necessary fun but not necessary. A small cake will do just fine with minimal design like this one it’s pretty and small and enough for the wedding.



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