Bridal inspiration: 7 wedding etiquette guide for the soon-to-wed bride

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You are probably thinking what bride doesn’t know wedding etiquette? The kind that hasn’t been married before! Wedding etiquette actually goes beyond courtesy and tradition, it involves knowing how to handle a situation from your engagement till when you actually say “I do”.

Here are seven (7) wedding etiquette rules that every bride should know:

Break the news to family first
The first people that should hear about your engagement and wedding dates are your family. You sincerely don’t want your grandma finding out about the big rock on your finger after your cousin showed her your Facebook news feed. Don’t delay on this one, that’s just bad!

Keep a mental note of your guest list
It’s part of wedding etiquette to keep a mental note of your guest list. Do not invite people by word of mouth especially when you are out of invitations and your wedding is in a couple of days. It shows that you may have had no intention of inviting them and they may feel like an afterthought.

Be financially considerate to the wedding party
A bride and groom should only request a reasonable amount for contributions towards bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen suits. Don’t forget other expenses like hotel, travel and hen/stag nights. Consider this as etiquette because some people may have pressing commitments but have decided to make a sacrifice for your engagement party and wedding.

Don’t be cheap on wedding party gifts
After all the support given to you by your wedding party, the least you could do to appreciate their support and effort is to gift them appropriately. Bridesmaids usually get gift bags with fancy toiletries, spa essentials or even jewellery. An aftershave set with nice cologne is a good gift idea for the groomsmen.

Appreciate your wedding vendors
The least you can do is make sure they are fed properly on your wedding day, seeing as they are probably trying their best to work under pressure and a possible change of plans. Appreciate them after the wedding especially if they delivered above and beyond your expectations.

Meet and greet your guests
Do your rounds greeting your guests with your new spouse and try to spend a reasonable amount of time with each guest, especially those who travelled from other countries.

Send thank you notes after the wedding
Its only proper that you say thank you to all your guests for attending your wedding. If you can’t do this by phone, then send emails to let them know you acknowledged their presence.


These wedding etiquette rules should already be known by every bride.

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