Bridal inspiration: 7 things to keep in mind when selecting your wedding venue

It goes without saying that your wedding has to be perfect. Your choice of venue should not be compromised because the venue may ultimately determine every other detail you wish to incorporate into your wedding.
Here are seven things to keep in mind when selecting a wedding venue.

1. Number of Guests

If you plan on having a thousand guests at your wedding, do not choose a venue that can accommodate only eight-hundred guests. Chances are everyone may start to feel claustrophobic; it’s your wedding, not a club launch

2. Parking

Just place yourself in the shoes of your guests. Would you like to park your car by the roadside, risk getting it scratched and still have to walk a considerable distance to enter the reception venue? The unlucky guests who do not get parking spaces have to deal with copious amounts of sweat and running makeup if they decide not to use a taxi.

3. Proximity
You may want to consider the proximity of your wedding ceremony to reception. Will it be convenient for guests to switch location? If it is possible, plan to have all aspects of your wedding in one location.

4. Use Of Vendors
Some venues require guests to utilize their full services and recommendations including catering, decorations, and table layout. This means that you may have to compromise on that catering company with classically trained chefs.

5. Wedding Theme
Consider whether the reception venue has the capacity for you to bring your wedding theme to life. For example, an outdoor garden will not be the best place to host a 70’s inspired gala reception.

6. Reception Layout
Endeavor to choose a venue that can accommodate all dining tables, pop-up mini bars and lounge-style after party.

7. Facilities
It is best to choose a venue that has a full range of facilities such as ample parking, uninterrupted power supply, toilets, changing rooms, tables, chairs and a stage.

Good luck in choosing the perfect venue for your wedding!

Written by Feso Adeniji



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