Bridal inspiration: 7 must-have photos with your bridesmaids | Feso Adeniji

1. Jumping

Get caught by the camera in mid-air with silly smiles and your hair in a frenzy.

Photo Credit: Everlasting moment Photography

2. In front of the Mirror

Take one final look in front of the mirror with your friends before you walk down the aisle. This is a good time to check your makeup for errors!

Photo Credit: bp.blogpost

3. Hair and Makeup Ready

Pose and show off your matching or unique hairstyles and soft makeup glam.

Photo Credit:

4. Laying on the bed

Make shapes with your bodies on a king size bed either wearing special robes or dressed up in your bridal wear

Photo Credit:

5. Dressing the Bride

Take a shot of your girls tugging away at your corset to make sure it’s tight enough while you smile through the pains of looking good.

Photo Credit: fidelio photography

6. First look at the Bride

This is the big reveal to your bridesmaids who did not see you getting ready.

Photo credit: Bride first look

7. Selfie Galore

This photo will be one of everyone taking a selfie at the same time! “Let’s do it for the gram!”

Photo Credit: Morden Hall Wedding Photorapher

Written by Feso Adeniji



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