Bridal inspiration: 10 alternatives to a conventional wedding cake

1 Cupcake Pyramid

Why have one big cake when you can have lots of small cupcakes that come in different flavours and can satisfy your guests’ palate?

2 Donut Tower

Everyone loves donuts, whether glazed or drizzled with caramel sauce and topped with biscuit crumbs.

3 Waffle Bar

Mini waffles and ice cream with various toppings are a thing at weddings. Some vendors even provide waffles on a stick with a choice of your favourite sauces.

4 Crepe Station

For toppings, caramelised apples and pears or strawberries and cream with a drizzle of maple syrup should do the trick. Alternatively, savoury crepes are amazing- think pepperoni, cheese and fresh spinach.

5 Whoopie Pies

This American based dessert which looks like a big oreo cookie is a cross between a cookie, pie and cake. Whoopie pies will be great at weddings because of their versatility, size and texture.

6. 4 Inch Cakes

These cakes can be served on each table simultaneously for dramatic effect! (serves 7)

7 Cake Pops

This is a convenient alternative as it is light, airy and can be popped in your mouth at a go!

8 Ice cream Sundae Bar

An ice cream haven at your wedding is just what the kids need and will calm the nerves of the adults running after them. Cones, cups, toppings and sauces are essentials to make this sundae bar happen.

9 Brownie Tower

Having a tower of mini brownies makes it easier for the couple to feed each other at the reception. Different variations of the brownie will ensure everyone gets in on the chocolatey goodness.

10 Crumble Pyramid

This pyramid could be made of apple, pear or mixed berry individual (3 inch) crumbles for you and the guests. Served with a scoop of Madagascar Vanilla ice cream, your sweet tooth will be content.

A few of these are already served at Nigerian weddings that have up to a 1000 guests (for variety) but it is not common to see a replacement of the traditional wedding cake with one of these desserts. An unconventional couple at a special themed wedding may be open to ditching the conventional wedding cake for a special dessert.

Profiterole Tower


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Cake pops


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Crumble Pyramid


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Chocolate fountain

Cannoli Station

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Cake pops

Written by Feso Adeniji



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