#Brexit: All our reactions to the UK leaving the European Union

Pound for pound, the U.K is the busiest place in global news.

The United Kingdom voted in a referendum whether or not to leave the European Union. Those in favour of the UK leaving won the vote by 51.8%.

Jega was just there wondering how they managed to count the votes so quickly.


The British Pound did like this:


According to Bloomberg, the pound has hit a devastating low, the worst since 1985. Even Europeans stocks are falling too.

The Pound basically woke up this morning and was like:



What is happening?

Our Naira was just there looking like:

Skai welcome


Ordinary fall?

But then again, this might mean lesser value for the pound, more value for the Naira.

dance woman


More buying power! *Ignores the #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira chants.* Afterall, its chief proponent is Onigbese.

Nigerians will storm UK online stores like ASOS with the speed of Yaba:

Yaba Market1


Happy times are here again!

Again, you start to wonder why the UK does not have people like Orubebe to go:

We will not take it


Forming civilised and all that.

People were even shouting that David Cameron should resign.

Caleon surprise

Ordinary one mistake and you want him to resign?


We imagined Nigerian politicians and someone telling them to resign because of a mistake.Kanayo smiling

And then Cameron actually listened and is planning to resign.


Why is he resigning when he can simply blame the opposition? Ridiculous.


But lets face it, Is this Cameron even a serious person? No.



If he wanted the UK to remain so badly, why didn’t he just share rice, or tea, or ordinary biscuit? Nonsense.

Just look at


Then one politician came and retracted the biggest promise they made that encouraged people to leave the EU: more money for their National Health Service.

Hands on head1



And we were just like:

Happy Weekend happy


What a Nigerian thing to do. Or maybe we learned very well from our colonial masters.


Anyway, we have some ASOS shopping to do. The UK will be alright (if there is still going to be a UK). We still have Nigerian pettiness and politics to worry about. Peace out.




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