Bola and Ibukun’s fascinating love story and prewedding album | Orlamii photos

Bola and Ibukun have got such an interesting story.
Their phototog, Orlamii shared photos from their prewedding album and love story with us below:
Our first encounter was on his Birthday, May 2015. All through social media , through a Mutual friend. But i wasn’t chance to met with him until he invited me to one of his Uncle’s wife celebrating another Birthday. Hmmmm, so many stories to be told and within the short period of time, i discovered he is the most understanding and patient man i have ever cross… He is so REAL and HUMBLE!! When i say HUMBLE!!!! I mean it. Here comes another birthday, which was mine; 20th July, 2016. I was speechless when i saw him on his Kneels, i didn’t even allow him to say anything! I was like YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!
Like he always said, Our Birthdays will always be memorable and all road leads to March!! Cant wait , its just about 2 soul connecting to become ! #BukunBola2017
ORP_8925 ORP_8826 ORP_8821 ORP_8758 ORP_8716 ORP_8709 ORP_8572 ORP_8533 ORP_8472 ORP_8447 ORP_8424 ORP_8396 ORP_8394 ORP_8387 ORP_8369 ORP_8355 ORP_8297 ORP_8266 ORP_8261 ORP_8245 ORP_8194 ORP_8172 ORP_8166
Photography by : @orlahmiiphoto
MakeUp by  : @dlooksmakeover
Bride : @lilatanimashaun



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