Before Netflix and chill, these 9 photos describe how Nigerians hooked up

Netflix used to be just an internet streaming media platform for movies and TV shows, until someone added the two words, ‘and chill’ in 2015. And then there was no chill any more.

Netflix And chill in simple terms is when you invite a person to your house innocently enough to watch Netflix but you have every intention of playing mummy and daddy.

But Naija no dey carry last. Even before Netflix and chill became a thing, Nigerians already found (not so) subtle ways to demand for sex.


Is there light in your house? I want to come and charge

Kanye West all of the lights


My parents have gone out

My parents aren't home


And even if there’s no car or fuel for movement

Jamaica's Usain Bolt runs and heads for the victory in the men's 200m final during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium August 9, 2012.    REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini (BRITAIN  - Tags: SPORT ATHLETICS OLYMPICS)

Or when you need to be sure the coast is clear

Is your junior brother at home?


Can I come and collect movies on your laptop?

falz meme

When she says, “You’d nor even used to visit somebody”


Basketmouth laugh meme

When you’re a bachelor and she wants to come and eat Christmas Jollof in your house

Flavour jollof rice

Today is the last day of my period

Basketmouth meme


I have weed, what are you doing?







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