#BAAD2017 Event planner, Bisola TrendyBee shares story behind Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s successful grand wedding

Popular wedding planner, Bisola of TrendyBee events was the lucky one to get the deal of handling #BAAD2017.

Gushing about the successful traditional wedding, Bisola disclosed thus:

@adesuaetomi !! My Beautiful Bride ,The Most Laid Back Bride Ever … She warned Me she would Be when We finally had a chance to speak ,she was a very Busy Bride , very chilled and super polite ,Her self and sister Temi Trusted Me completely to deliver according to their brief…. Apart from a few vendors they had definitely wanted and selected , they allowed Me Hire and work with whoever I trusted uninterruptedly , and the rest is History!!! A learning process working with the family, I have definitely gained New sisters in the process , Grown even more ⭐️⭐️🌟🌟⭐️and Gained More knowledge … #BAAD2017 Engagement was Amazinggggg .

Adesua and Her Bridesmaids, This Squad Rocked !!! CROWD CONTROL : if there Was one thing The family worried about , it was the crowd control !!! But with @trendybeevents nothing is impossible where we come from 😂😂 … The couple only wanted friends , colleagues, family and Loved Ones from Nigeria anddifferent parts of the world attending their engagement party …. the Amazing security team put in place were able to achieve just that ,sticking and ensuring We had only the total number of guests range Approved by the client.. We all worked as a team to ensure We had a controlled ,fun engagement Ceremony and reception with Lots of food, chops and drinks from 1pm start time till midnight #BAAD2017

The Groom !!! Mr Banky , Also super Busy , the Team and I only Got to Meet with Him at the family meeting… He was super Polite and knew exactly what He wanted , most importantly He wanted All invited Guests to have fun!!! I remember asking Him what song He would like to be introduced in with , He said definitely “Mans Not Hot ” 😂 …….unbelievable but different !!! We had a Blast at #BAAD2017 the Engagement!!!

The support for #BAAD2017 Was amazing 98 percent of their guests showed up in asoebi .
The support was massive!Friends that Rock …. Baad was amazinggggg

We had loads of entertainment !
From the Edo traditional Team
To the traditional Chorographers
To the Efik traditional dancers ( Representing the Groom’s mum family)
To The Band’s Amazing performance
To several celebrity performances
Then Mr Dj killing it #BAAD2017 was SLAYED!

The Decoration was all shades of clean and classy , Our Floor plan was in order and every detail aligned this was soooo important to the client …. A team of experts where Hired by Us to put all this beauty in Place !!! It was stunning!
It was super stunning!

The client was so happy

The Grand Entrance!!! #BAAD2017 ,I initially had another plan worked Out for the Grand Entrance, but at 11pm on Saturday my contact called Me and said We needed a back up plan !!! The plan was a No show !!Sigh !! There was No time to be sad so I contacted @innovatemedia1 who is always there for Me !! …….Don’t worry Bisola I gat You He said , the New plan was similar to what I had done before,so We introduced a little twist with the fog drop …
In the end The grand entrance was amazing!!! I was sooooo proud… all the hard work was not in vain after all , What a Year !
#BAAD2017 engagement was Baaaad #trendybeeventsexperience #eventplannerextraordinaire #trendybeevents



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