An American lived with no heart for 18 months. In Nigeria, it’s nothing extraordinary

Put your hand on your chest and imagine how long you’ll last should your heart stop beating. 3 minutes? 10? If your head is strong like Fabrice Muamba, the ex-footballer, your heart can stop beating for 78 minutes.

Fabrice Muamba

But for 555 days no heartbeat?



One man in Michigan, USA, managed to go without a thump in his chest for 555 days.

Will smith shock


Stan Larkin was on a waiting list for a new heart but it wasn’t forthcoming. When his heart couldn’t function again, his doctors pulled it out and did something else.

Donald glover shock


They made him carry a backpack all through the time. The content of the backpack? A machine that functions as a heart, pumping compressed air into his body thereby helping to keep his blood running.


Stan Larkin

While this might sound extraordinary, in Nigeria, this is just normal a normal sturves.

confused baby


Many peoples hearts have left their bodies at the speed with which Omawumi left that interview.

Omawumi walkout

Let us start with these politicians. Before you vote for them they’ll be looking like this.


Odulade smile


When you vote for them and demand for them to implement their promises, they’ll be like,

Odunlade who you epp


We hear that 2.1 billion dollars was approved last year to fight the heartless bunch called Boko Haram and the thing just disappeared. The money just disappeared with their hearts and conscience.


And there are the billions of others we can’t even begin to mention.

nene leakes tired


Should we talk about the jungle justice people? Those ones that will torture a person and kill them just because they find one difference between the person and themselves.

angry frustrated screaming


You think the hand that MOPOL used to slap you is normal? How can it be when all the energy that should be making the heart pump is pumping slap?


Should we even begin to mention the neighbours that will wake you up with the aroma of their peng Jollof?



Stan Larkin has now found a donor and received a heart. But Nigerians and staying heartless are like this,

Zuma together

We will be alright sha. All of us.







When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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