Americans are hiding a key ingredient of Nigerian happiness

There are few things Nigerians take as personally as pepper soup. It can do everything from curing malaria to helping you amplify your baby boy or baby girl life.




Or should we talk about the artistry that is great asun?


Sasa's Kitchen
Sasa’s Kitchen


But Americans are trying to vex us, and we have one message for them.


We will not take it


Credible sources are saying that Boston is celebrating the birth of a Nigerian dwarf goat.




At first we thought it is because they have come to appreciate the power of goat meat inside pepper soup or asun, especially when they even named the kid Chewbacca. At least its close to Chew-Ponmo. Fair enough.

But we hear that it is not a restaurant that is celebrating this treasure, it is a zoo, the New England Zoo.


gaze gif


Fellow Nigerians, they are about to turn goat meat to show glass.




They are even holding an entire family hostage.



People, we need to take action with immediate effect. We need our goats back! If they want to barter, we are willing to give them everything or anyone they are asking for.

Whether it is the person they’ve been disturbing us for.




Or our commander in chief, Lord Vic O.


Vic O


We are ready.




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