All the things that would happen if Beyonce’s Lemonade were made in Nigeria

Beyonce shook the internet when she released her one-hour long visual album called Lemonade. The album had profound themes ranging from infidelity, Yoruba mythology, to black girl power.

Since the whole project looked like it was dipped inside River Osun here in Nigeria, we decided to re-imagine it as a Nigerian project.

She began by shading Jay Z for cheating on her.

Jayz Ordinary cheating

You’re not even happy that he dinnor pursue you out of the marriage.

And the day she tried to raise the matter with Jay Z with style, just look at how he silenced her.

Kuku wait let the girlfriend move into the guest room.


And when she took the matter to her mother nko?

Ngozi cheat

Mummy but its only cleavage na.

And she says “Oya go and show your father the dress.”


Daddy izz modern sturvs.

And the father declares her guilty and hands her back to the person she ‘took after’, her mother.


Small dress. Big slap.

So she decides to take the matter into her own hands and pays Jay Z’s “Becky with the good hair” a visit.


I be craze girl!

And then she decided to punish Becky’s entire family.


Because her family should also be punished for Becky’s lack of home training.

But you know LASTMA don’t like this type of play.


Take her to the office!


When she went to meet her friends for help, trust bad mouth.

Nene Leakes Juju

You know magun does not catch men na. Only women. And he doesn’t eat at home, so I can’t wash-put inside his soup.


Then your mum overhears what you people are saying about Juju.

Patience Juju

Apostle will hear of this!


Gheun. The day of deliverance.

How she arrives at the church.

Beyonce Lemonade

No play.

And Pastor goes, “There’s a woman here today. You’re a marine spirit and the Queen of the coast.”


Muzzbe Karishika.

“Your demonic dress is flowing like river.”

Beyonce lemonade1

Osun baby girl.


“And when you’re walking, your waist will be doing like this.”


As per next top model.


“Manifest yourself you dark spirit!”


Lekukuku Leku. Ishawuru. Ayamatanga


“Oya tell us, tell us your name, you witch!”

Beyonce Winch



“You liar! Holy Ghost Fire!”


Pastor, small play. Ordinary winch and you’re doing somebody like this.


“I command the demon inside you to fall and die!”


Goodbye Bey.


All the other demons in the body be shaking like.


She is our oga at the top.


And her husband, Jay Z will just be watching everything like.

Odunlade shock

Waawu. I thought I was married to a baby henjeh.


After her deliverance, they’ll tell the husband to hug his wife.

Beyonce JayZ gif

Honey you know I’m always here for you.


And the story will end.

To God Be The Glory




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