All the things that could go wrong when you attend a job interview

1. Interview is for 11am, but you are still on your way at 11.30.

running late



2. It is a corporate establishment but you arrive looking like you are going to the mall.



I want to be like Mark Zuckerberg.


3. When you forgot to leave your pride with the people following you from your village.

Hands on head



Wait for it.


4. So they say “Tell us about yourself” but they dunno you’ve joined proud gang.

Kanye Genius


Well done. Invention master.




5. And then your phone rings out.

Channels TV Guy



6. They ask about your current employer and you say his last name is Lucifer.

Frank donga meme


Such an evil purzon.


7. Every time they ask you question, you’re just looking like.




8. “Your CV says you are proficient in Microsoft Excel.”


Haba. Ordinary play, you people are taking it serious.


9. Then you hear, “Did you hear what I said?” and you’re like.


I have ear pain. I need visa furst.


10. When they are asking you question and you are looking at ceiling.



My ancestors, epp me please.


11. “So how much should we offer you?”

Help me Im poor

Just use your church mind please.


13. When they ask how you want to make the world greater with the position you applied for.

Tupac gif


Talk. I’m listening.


14. But you’ve been applying to many places, you don’t even know what you applied for anymore.frustrated_gif

You people stop doing me like this.


15. You’re stepping out of the interview thinking about all the thing you said wrong.

crazeclown cry


Why me Lord?


16. But of course when someone asks about the interview, you will say “We thank God”.

Kanye smile laugh


While you pray for a miracle, please be applying for other openings.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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