All the struggles Muslims go through on a Ramadan day

1. Waking up early in the morning to eat.


It is morning already?


2. You check the time and see that you have only 5 more minutes before you can no longer eat.

Krusty Krab




3. So you bring out your inner animal.

Eating melon

I cannor carry last!


4. Feeling gingered all morning like.

Terry Crews training

Yesss! I’m going all day.


5. Afternoon comes, and you start to wonder why you didn’t eat a little more.

Sad Chiwetel


Wow. Where did all the food go?


6. Someone invites you to all the trivial talk you used to do before Ramadan.

Fat kid with cup

New life. Who’s this?


7. And then that normally stingy person is trying to tease you with food.

Odunlade who you epp

E no move boys.


8. Any time someone asks you anything, you’re like.


What did you say?I kent hear you.


9. You open social media and it’s all talk about this food and that food.



You people epppp!


10. After it feels like 3 years have passed in one day, you check and it’s still remaining like 4 hours.

Hands on head1



11. You try to sleep for 4 hours, but only 30 minutes crawl by.


What is happening?


12. You carry a book to read but you can’t even see the pages properly.

Read squint

Can I touch the words?



13. It is in these precious moments that you start to realise this is the daily life of the less privileged.

chuzzu cry




14. You think the sun has set and it is time to break fast.

When can we start eating

How am I the only person seeing this?


15. But you are only just feeling dizzy.

Hands on head

I’m fine, really.


16. And finally, IFTAR! Time to break fast!

Homer eating





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