All the 13 stages of pay day you have surely experienced before

1. Arriving at the office with your second-to-last money.

Will smith

These people better pay today.


2. How you greet the accountant.


How are you Mr Accountant? Come and listen to my amazing playlist.


3. Sitting at the desk pretending to work but all the while thinking about money.


*Checks the clock for the 16th time in 2 hours*


4. 2pm. No alert.

Just look at


These people are playing with me.


5. Your phone finally beeps.

Caleon dance



6. You check and its someone you owe money sending you a “Happy Salary Day” text.

Caleon cry

Why is this life like this?


7. When you see the accountant walk past again and you start asking him with eye language.

Abba Moro1

You people are joking with your lives up in this place.


8. 4pm. You get an email from management apologising for the delay in salary payments.

9. You’re going home with your last money, cancelling all your turn up plans for the evening.

Wizkid Danfo

Why me Lord?


10. You’re there sitting in the bus and thinking about how life is just so hard.

photo: ourexclusive

When they were telling me to do blood money, I was forming holy holy.


11. You just go to bed straight telling yourself, “I shall not be hurt by this”.


Nah mehn. I need my cry time.


12. And somehow, somehow, alert enters.


Look at Gooooood!


13. And you know you’re about to have sweet dreams.


*Dreaming of all the people you owe money*



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