Ajebutter22 and Falz’s ‘Bad Gang’ is meme heaven, and these are our best 8

Ajebutter22 is the boy your mummy warned you about. All that whispering into pastor’s daughter’s ear about the 11pm-let-us-sneak-out life.



As if that is not enough, he teamed up with Falz The Bahd Guy for some ‘Bad Gang’ cruise.

But we are not even hear for the music (yes, its a baby boy jam), we’re just here for its meme-worthiness, and these are our best 8;

1. The sure way to know your lecturer has a mass failure in the works for your class.



A is for God, and you know a D in this course is inevitable.


2. When you come late to class and your lecturer is just like “Aunty, kuku come back next year”.


See you can carry your self to class on time, you can collect this carry-over.


3. When you’re trying to choose between office work and extra-curricular activities.BadGang2

Lecturer problems.


4. When you’re trying to form hard guy, but baby girl is just looking at you like “continue deceiving your sef”.


Get thee behind me Satan.


5. But then you finally ask yourself, who hard guy done epp?


Because this body is not firewood.


Then there are those people we all know from University.

6. Like that guy who thought covering his notes will make him great in life.



Continue, Mr Steve Jobs.


7. Or that person who had no real job, but was always in class counting money.


Muzzbe Entrepreneur.


8. And that one lecturer who will go the extra mile to prove his “I want what’s best for you talk”.BadGang7

“See me in my office on Monday.”



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