A young Nigerian built his own planes from scratch and they’re flymazing

Aghogho Ajiyen, from Edo State is building planes like they are nothing. And no, we are not talking about this type of aircraft:



We mean this kind:

Image: Channels TV

We would have called them drones but they don’t spy on people or drop missiles so we’ll stick with planes.

With no formal education and an undying thirst for knowledge quenched in books and numerous experiments, Aghogho Ajiren flew his first plane in 1999. Although he suffered numerous setbacks, by 2014, he already had five.

Image: Channels TV

For Aghogho, it is about the love of flight. For his community, it is the hope he brings as his achievements subtly tell them, “it is not impossible”. Even though he has many challenges, he is hopeful and intends to get better, perhaps get some sort of sponsorship.

Watch his demonstration here.



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