A UNILAG student graduated with a 5.0 CGPA and this is how we reacted

At the 2015/2016 convocation ceremony of the University of Lagos, Daniel Dada Ayodele emerged baby boy of the year.



He will be graduating with not just a First Class degree in Psychology, but a 5.0 CGPA. The perfect score.

This 12 photos capture all the ways we reacted.

1. When you first hear of the 5.0 CGPA.



Naizwan Daniel.

2. Then you remember that A’s are supposed to belong to the lecturer.



Is he a student-lecturer as in player-coach?

3. Then you start wondering if he has two heads.

confused baby


Muzzbe why his ogo is like this.

4. When it dawns on you that your parents are about to tension you.

Hands on head


Hay God!

5. You decide to start reading but your brain is just doing one kain.

chuzzu cry


This world is not my own.

6. When you check your CGPA to see if you can still make first class.



*cries in struggle graduate*

7. But then it is beginning to look more like a “Thank you for coming result.”

leaving crying


Lord, did you put my number on call-forwarding?

8. You start looking for who to blame.

Man on the phone


I can’t go down alone.

9. So you approach your mother to tell her it’s her fault for being an Olodo.

Patience Ozokwor slap


Haba! Somebody cannor play with you again?

10. When you start to convince yourself that first class is not everything in life, but deep down another voice is saying something else.

Patience Ozokwor


Oh no.

11. And you start becoming nicer because you have to make up for it elsewhere. A nice attitude is key

Uzo fake smile


Inner peace, inner happiness.

12. Because in this life, somebody cannot come and die.



Please pass me the pillow.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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