A Nigerian writer just bagged the Nebula Awards for Sci-Fi like its nothing

What do Nigerians and diamonds have in common? We don’t crack. We shine through everything, everywhere.

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This time, like many other times, its Nnedi Okoroafor winning.


She is an amazing mum.

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She has an incredible dada.

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And yes, she is a great writer.

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She writes fantasy, Sci-Fi, and speculative fiction.

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So when she’s  not writing about girls with magical dada, she’s writing about a young girl living in the late 21st-century Niger.

Most recently, she has written about a young girl doing space travel. And now it has won her an important award in Sci-Fi. The Nebula Awards, America’s most prestigious Sci-Fi book awards. Okorafor won the award for best novella.

In her acceptance speech, she shares what inspired the story, from uprooting her life to her daughter’s inspiration.

The professor has one more book coming later this year, Akata Witch 2: Breaking Kola.



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