A Nigerian stabbed his friend to death, thanks to a Messi-Ronaldo argument

Two Nigerians residing in Mumbai, India were having an argument.



It was not about the exchange rate, or the price of garri. It was about the 2 biggest names in football today, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo Messi


Their argument, like almost every discussion that has these two names in them, was about who was the greater footballer.



It was just supposed to be Obinna Durumchukwu’s birthday celebration. But they just had to bring the argument in. Durumchukwu, 34, couldn’t take it again as the argument got even more heated. He threw a glass cup at Michael Chukwuma, 21, who was quick to pull a Matrix and dodge the cup. But he wasn’t fast enough to dodge the shards.

And to prove that his player was the better of the two, Chukwuma picked a shard of glass, and stabbed Durumchukwu who bled to death.

Obinna Durumchukwu

But he didn’t like his favourite player so much as to stand his ground.



The Police found Michael hiding in an empty apartment in his friend’s apartment block.

This is the best part. Messi and Ronaldo are going to be at their best at the coming Champions League fixtures. But these guys won’t be able to watch because one is dead while the other will be languishing in prison.

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