A Nigerian is set to become the first African to do a solo flight round the world

Ademilola Odunjinrin is set to accomplish something amazing.



He is set to become the first African to complete a solo flight around the world. In fact, only 144 other people have accomplished this feat globally.

The Transcend project (One Man! One Plane! One World!) is powered by relentless motivation, determination and fearlessness of a group of private sector professionals whose passion is fueled by vision and ambition.

That’s what the organisers are saying.

The flight will begin in April in Nigeria, and end in Nigeria. The journey route starts from Lagos, Nigeria in an easterly direction through central Africa into Ethiopia. It then continues in that direction through the United Arab Emirates, India and the Asian subcontinent into Australia, then island hopping before undertaking the longest sector between Hawaii and California. The journey then continues across the USA into Canada and onwards to the UK through Iceland and finally downwards into Africa, returning to Lagos via Algeria and the Niger Republic.

He’ll be flying in this small-but-mighty plane called the Cirrus SR22.



Even though this is major, Lola, as his friends call him, didn’t start stunting today. In 2010, he cycled 3200km from Morocco to London in just  17 days!


We can’t wait for him to start and we wish him all the best.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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