A little boy walked in on mummy and daddy. And this happened

Sex is all fun and games until junior walks in and sees mummy screaming ”hit me harder!” Especially since Junior hates mummy hitting him harder.

Skeptical kid spanked
A Nairalander, Mavelshee, shared a story about how his experience;

“It was on a Sunday afternoon during this Christmas holiday. My wife and I decided get a little kinky because honestly we haven’t had some good action for a really long time. So my wife asked Martha our nanny to take the kids to our neighbour’s house upstairs for some play time and bring them back by 6pm.”


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”Kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa we don comot cloth, kpo kpo kpo kpo kpo kpo we don start pre-intimacy, and that was when it happened. Our 10 year old son just opened the door.” “Mum can I have some…”

sad boy

”and then he saw his mum leaning on the edge of the bed crying and his dad eating his mum’s behind. Lo and behold this little dude just paused and thereafter there was a big grin + disgust on his face.”

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”My wife hasn’t stopped crying, mostly because she thinks this kind of scenario can eff up the kid’s chemistry and stuff. Plus he now looks at me somehow whenever we are together. I hope he doesn’t tell the others what he saw.”

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That’s not the best part. The comments that followed are pure gold.

“You’ll probably never get another kiss from him again after he found out where those lips have been.”

Samuel Jackson

“Tell him you were giving her an injection to help her make another baby. Go get a needle and syringe to show him as proof.”what is this one saying

Then someone went, “Started having real sex from primary 2…”

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The most important question was asked;

Seriously oo…”I mean why did he even grin…I’m thinking he knows too much.”


Now over to you. What would you do if you were in the parents’ bed shoes?



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