A Ghanaian startup is building cars that can withstand anything

A company is making cars in Ghana, and they aren’t even playing at all.


Kantanka is building cars that are made to withstand anything. They are so confident about their cars that they gave it to the Ghanaian police to test-run, because of their reputation for rough-handling cars. Just like their Nigerian colleagues.


Kwadwo Safo Jr, CEO of Kantanka, said;

They rough handle cars a lot. They took the car, and made it appeal to the masses.

These cars are made for Ghana. We know how the roads are, and we built them to stand the roads.

You know what the best part is? These cars are electric.

Will smith shock

That means you won’t have to be doing this just because you need your car to move around.

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But there’s one challenge. The cost of production is too high and so the cars are still quite expensive. The company only manages to make about 100 cars monthly, and more investments could mean the cost of production would go lower.


Whatever the case may be, this is a good sign, and Kantanka’s ambition is global.

“We’ve gotten this far because we believe in the possibilities. One day we will be all over the world.”

Perhaps, this is the beginning of the automobile race in Africa, and its exciting.

Innoson Motors, are you ready?

Innoson Motors


Looks like it.



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