93 Days: The trailer for the Nigerian Ebola story is finally here, and it’s an absolute beauty

Yes. Yes. It happened in your lifetime; a Nigerian movie capturing very gripping moments in recent Nigerian history is ready.


93 Days, the movie we’ve been waiting for (for longer than 93 days), captures the events that unfolded in the lives of the people at the frontline of Nigeria’s battle with the ruthless Ebola virus.

So every time Ebola charged forward like this,


These people in the story were there, ever ready to send it back to virus hell.



A Patrick Sawyer a Liberian-American collapses upon arrival at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, 93Days4

The first point of call is the First Consultant Hospital, where he is admitted with fever like symptoms.

Against his denials of contact with any Ebola victim in Liberia, the team at first consultant led by Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh quickly deduce there is more to his case than malaria.


Their vigilance leads to an early detection that Mr Sawyer indeed had the Ebola Virus disease. Now it’s a race against time to contain a deadly disease from breaking out and infecting an entire city population and beginning what could be the biggest deadly disease outbreak the world has ever known.

93Days7The scare all over Nigeria at the time was like,

Over a 93-day period from when Sawyer comes in men and women from Nigeria, WHO and MSF do battle with this deadly disease. At its core, 93 Days is a compelling human story of dedication, sacrifice.

But why are we even hyped about the movie?

It is a very very important and truly Nigerian story, and its huge, especially in this country where heroes and people who make great sacrifices die with their names and stories

And the cast?

There’s the amazing Bimbo Akintola,

Bimbo Akintol

There’s the senior Tina Mba.

Tina Mba

The legendary Kayode Olaiya of Yoruba screen glory.

Kayode Olaiya

The been-there-done-that-still-doing-it Keppy Ekpeyong.

Keppy Ekpeyong

There’s the I-do-PR-but-I-can-also-act-feem Adebola Williams.

Debola Williams

There’s even this Hollywood guy that is almost always a policeman on screen, but is now finally a doctor, Danny Glover.

Danny Glover

Did we mention that a Nigerian song finally has a brain-bursting original score?



Yep. A 90-piece set, made solely for this movie.

If there’s one thing we are sure of, it is that this movie will win many things, touch many hearts, and mostly importantly, inspire people to become fall in line for service to humanity.

93 Days is hitting cinemas September 16, and yes, our hearts are ready.

Watch the trailer:



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  1. It was well worth the wait for this exceptional film. The true story of the 93 days and the dedication of the teams trying to wok together. I’m a sociology student. I loved my anthopology studies, all of which related to the medical field and cultural differences that some forces allowed to hamper the progress of stopping Ebola.
    Powerful story brought to film.
    Thank you African Anerican producer, Pemon Rami and Mesequa.

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