9 struggles anyone who has fixed a weave can relate to

by Toketemu

There is nothing more frustrating than weave wahala, but can you fault our obsession with weaves? This fleek thing is not easy and installing a weave takes you from Amaka to Beyonce  in a flash.

Anyway if you have been conflicted as to whether or not to go natural and swear off weaves completely, here is a reminder of some of our weave struggles.

When your hair dealer (yes guys we call them dealers) sends you the initial price list.


Then you use your pay check of two months and your entire life savings to buy the weave.

You fix it once and it starts looking like chocolate you’ve used 10 times. Worst part? There is a no return policy on it.

Or when she promises you Cambodian curls and then delivers something like this:

And even when the hair is awesome, you are looking at yourself like this for the next 3 months because you are living off Indomie.

Then when your friend tells you she has been using the weave she bought for about half the price you bought yours for months and it looks even more fabulous than yours.
it isn't fair

When you’ve switched from your Brazilian to Peruvian to Filipino in the space of three weeks and your boyfriend still asks you when you will change your hairstyle.

And when the itching starts, especially when you install your weave with a closure.

Fix it Jesus

Then your hairdresser cuts the weave, even after you told her 20 times not to.


If you are a weave addict, then you know these struggles.



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