9 pictures that prove that Kanayo O. Kanayo is the patron saint of money rituals

The first Nigerian movie in English was released in 1992. Living In Bondage is about a desperate man looking for fast wealth who is then introduced to a cult by his friend. That friend is our legendary Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, aka Kanayo O. Kanayo.

kanayo (1)

To be honest, we are not here to talk about how the 54-year-old would have made a great Lawyer if he didn’t become an actor. Neither are we going to talk about his degrees in Philosophy and Political Science.

We are here to use this Nollywood class act’s birthday to talk about how he likes blood too much.

Do a quick search of blood money related Nigerian movies, you’ll probably find our man on one poster either smiling with his riches or frowning at the next head he wants to use for rituals.

To get a clearer picture, here is a summary of the most typical Kanayo money ritual.

1. It (almost) always begins with poverty biting hard at his destiny.

Kanayo offend

Izz like the village people are sitting on my matter.

2. Then he’ll decide to take matters into his own hands, and goes to meet dibia.

ALex Usifo rituals

Based on the specifications of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria.

3. The moment he identifies the head he wants to use.


Waawu. See destiny.

4. Then he tells the identified head to meet him somewhere in the night.

Kanayo dollars


I promise to name my shopping complex after you.

5. Fast forward to Kanayo the money making machine.

Kanayo smiling

Its not easy.

6. And you know blood money works with software, and it has to be updated with blood.Kanayo Meme

Based on the Blood Money 2.0

7. Until the Juju software will start having errors and the ghosts will start haunting him.Kanayo blood of jesus

Master Jesus gimme your blood.

8. But lies, he’ll end up dead, or even better.

Kanayo madMad.

9. The End.

To God Be The Glory

Repeat in the next movie.

Happy Birthday KOK.



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