9 people share how and when they first learned about sex

We all know Nigerian parents don’t believe in sex education, the most they’ll tell you is not to do it, if you don’t want to die. Everything you currently know about sex, you were probably left to discover in biology class or on your own. So we asked these eleven people, to share when and how they first learned about sex.


Walked in on my brother and some random girl when I was like in Primary 2, I made him explain what he was doing to the girl.


Actually my mother gave me a graphically disturbing description of what it was, when I got my first period at 11, of course the talk ended with a stern warning to steer clear of boys.


I’m the last in a family of four boys, so naturally I found out about sex through porn on the computer and penthouse magazines stashed in funny funny places.


On T.V I think, I knew what it was, but wasn’t too sure how it was done. I think I didn’t find out that a penis actually had to go into a vagina for it until they taught us reproduction in secondary school.


I was in Primary 3 and one of our friends was giving us the gist of how she caught her brother having sex, I just nodded along pretending I knew what she was talking about.


Biology class, we had this textbook that was actually pretty graphic, but I didn’t know you actually had to move while having sex until I watched a porno when I was like fourteen.


After I got my period for the first time, my mum gave me the usual if a boy should touch you, you’ll get pregnant and die bants, and I went to gist my friend the next day at school, she just laughed and told me how it worked, I think she had and older sister or something.


Lol T.V now, didn’t we all learn from T.V?


I spent half of my childhood in chat rooms, one day someone sha sent the link to a porn video, and that was that.

What about you guys? How and when did you first learn about sex?




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