9 ladies share their strongest childhood memories

For me, it was going to work with my dad. I got to have a peek of adulthood and pretend I was an adult for a day. – Camille


I think it is bathing outside in the rain or coming back home in the rain knowing there will be light. Which means having tea and bread. Plus watching cartoons and movies because all chores are suspended. – Linoraji


Ah. It has to be learning to ride a bicycle. – Tomilola


Roasting corn at the backyard with my parents and brothers. Waking up to the fragrance of passion fruits blooms outside my bedroom window. Our ‘adventures’ into the bushes. – Nneka


My mum bought me three books and said that she’d noticed I loved to read anything. I finished all three in one week. – Dami


Me and three of my friends; Abiba, kausara and ruka or ganiya( I can’t remember who the third person was). So we got back from Arabic School in the evening and we were idle. We wanted to buy biscuits, but there was no cash. Usually, anytime I wanted snacks, momsi said it was okay to ask Iya Samuel, the woman who owns a kiosk opposite my house. I’ll ask, and she’ll pay later. But this day, we were 4. I couldn’t risk it. 

Nene Leakes no

So Kausara came up with this dead idea. That we should make paper boats and stuff with paper sha and sell. In front of my house. Me, madam boat maker, I made boats and the other girls made some silly looking hats and what not. We put the things inside nylon and stood in front of my house. One bros passed and I was like ‘Unlce, do you wantu buy paper boat?’. But he just walked past like,

Fat kid with cup

Before then, we swapped slippers so we’d look like miscreants. Uncle came back and was like ‘are you not Mrs Olatunji’s daughter?

Hands on head

I was like sah don’t tell my mummy. Two days later I sha saw him at the car park and he waved at me. Haven’t been able to look at the bros since then.  – Anu


My mum comes home from work to find my aunt’s (that’s my dad’s sister) daughter in her room. The girl had been living with us for some months and her and my mum don’t get along. So my mum tells the daughter to get out of her room, naturally my aunt jumps up like what the disrespect? She starts forming her and her daughter are going to find somewhere else to stay. So my mum opens the door to the house and tells her to get out. Anyway the daughter says something rude to my mom and my mum goes in for a nice slap. My aunt starts going whutt you slapped my daughter in front of me and tries to slap my mum. That’s how fight started oh.

WWE slap

My mum got a few blows in before my dad came down. – Tofarati


Being the only child and getting everything I wanted. Then my siblings came. – Tilly

Just look at


This kid came to school crying about his brother having lost his big toe. A few years before, my cousin had lost the nail on her big toe and cried but I came in half way through my mum telling her “oh don’t worry it’ll grow back”. So I walk up to this kid confident as fuck, rub his back the way my mum had done with my cousin. And I’m like don’t worry his toe will grow back, my cousin’s did. Cause I didn’t realise that my cousin had lost a nail not a toe I just saw bandaged feet. My teacher pulls me aside for lying and I’m ready to fight this pessimistic know it all! Like woman I got a cousin with five toes to prove this shit don’t play with me. My mum had to come sort it out after school and explain the mix up to me. – Oladipo

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