9 guys tell us their strongest childhood memories

The gas was on and I was playing with matches… I can’t remember the level of beating I got. Another time, I left the window open and rain entered my daddy’s room. It didn’t end well that night. – Hammed

Samtakesoff triple slap

When I was about 5 or so, I remember my mum giving me everything I asked for. So one day, while she was at her shop, I asked for 20 naira because I wanted to go buy sweets of course. She refused to give me, but there she was counting money and saying she’d didn’t have. So while she stepped out, I sneaked and took 20 naira from where she kept. Mehn, the beating that day was not very funny. – Sam

Crazeclown slap

One day I was supposed to be in class at school but I thought it was a great idea to go play ball instead. My parents and teachers gave me a memorable beating, clearly the reason you know this now. I was that stubborn child. – Dotun

Teacher flogging

Ah. It had to be shopping at Kingsway. Then dining at Ogun state hotel and watching my dad swim after. Sounds normal but it’s one of those things that were special to me because it happened only once in while. – Deola

Eddie murphy gif

I have none. I blocked them all out. – Ife

chuzzu cry 

Mehn. The friends I grew up with. The banter we had. The games we played. The adventures and secrets we shared. We were little rascals. We staged plays for our parents. We stole from stores just for the thrill. It was wild. – Eki


I enjoyed driving with my dad. Especially the way he’d make me feel like I was the one actually driving. I’d sit on the driver’s seat. Rest on him, then hold the steering like I was actually controlling it. Then I grew older and found out you need to be doing something with your leg to actually be driving. – Emeka

close shave driving

One of those times my lil bro would have overfed himself and would use the happiness to dance to radio commercials. He would be looking at his reflection on the tv screen. There was no electricity and in candle light he would be dancing and sturvvs. – Oshomah

Caleon dance

I always felt like an adult as a child. I wanted to adult so bad. So one day, in primary 1. I was over 5 years old. I decided to walk home myself. That involved walking under Ojuelegba bridge. I got home and felt I had made momma proud. Meanwhile, she was in school looking for me. When she finally got home, I though I was going to be greeted by a proud mum. Damn, I still remember the beating till this day. – Lekan

Astro Crying



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