8 types of guests you’ll meet at every Nigerian wedding

A wedding is not a wedding without these guests. It’s just in their nature
to display their special character when they attend an event and that’s
exactly why we love them. Here are eight guests you will definitely see at
every wedding without even trying:

The Slay Queen

Photo source: www.styleismything.net Sometimes, weddings are not meant for turning up; for the slay queen, weddings are a time to stunt on everybody. Come through with your bad self! When you make an entrance just take that epic selfie that Instagram waits for every Saturday. For more buzz, wear a white dress if you have to! (insert wedding hashtag here).

The Drunk Uncle

photo via memes.com At weddings, there will always be one uncle on a very liquid diet and you’d have to look back while you’re dancing in the crowd and lash out, “Uncle, stop touching!” Sometimes, free alcohol is too good to be true.

The “I too know”

This person will complain about everything from the bride’s bouquet to the waiter’s shoes. Such people may also be referred to as haters or may just be having a rough patch of OCD.

The Party Starter

photo via pulse.ng This is the person that starts the skanking when the UK music comes on, the shaku shaku to Olamide and even the electric slide. Everyone naturally follows suit because who doesn’t love these feel-good moves at a wedding? Don’t forget to holler “It’s like candaaaay”!

The Inappropriate one

This guest always displays copious levels of bravery, mostly the type that makes you shake your head, cover your eyes or laugh so hard that you have to get video footage. Chances are you may not be able to have absolute control over this guest so you just pray things don’t escalate out of control. “Oh my gosh, Toyin, Aunty Taiwo is twerking in the middle of the dancefloor!”

The Wannabe Photog

photo source: Laphy Photography There’s always one guest who keeps snapping the couple, the decor, the food and even guests that he or she doesn’t know. Ever had your mum come back from a wedding with lots of pictures on her phone? Yes, she falls into this category.

The Wrong Dresser

photo source: sparkleprom.com You spot someone in a flamboyant getup and look at your friend asking “Did sis miss the purple aso-ebi memo?” This person is usually overdressed.

The Couple Hogger

Everyone wants to speak with the couple too! Now is not the time to tell them about your epic holiday to Thailand.

Have you come across any of these guests at weddings? Let’s toast to them, because they actually make everything fun!

Written by Feso Adeniji



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