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There is nothing more rewarding than entering a healthy and loving relationship and creating a night to remember on the day of your wedding. Most people have fun during their wedding reception but may be too tired to bond and enjoy their wedding night. Here are eight sexy wedding night secrets that will help you relax after a long day with family and friends:

1. Engage In Mental Stimulation
After your wedding reception, you get the chance to whisk each other away to your quiet hotel room where you can reminisce on your journey so far and anticipate what the immediate future will hold. It’s a great time to express love and gratitude towards yourselves with the best words you can. Make each other laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

2. Stay Flirty
Flirting with your partner creates anticipation of the intimacy to be exchanged after the wedding. Hold each other’s gaze, exchange little kisses and be tactile. Flirting makes you melt inside and gets your heart beating!

3. Give Massages
After a long day of wedding festivities, massage each other starting with the feet and work your way up to the top with the help of some fragrant essential oils.

4. Invigorate Your senses
Light scented candles and turn off the lights to set the atmosphere in your room. You will be so relaxed with sweet smells and feel romance lingering with just the right amount of light to create shadows with your bodies.

5. Special Playlist
Your wedding night is a great time to play your favorite songs back to back to get you feeling comfortable.

6. Clean Up Together
After a long day of wedding festivities, take a bubble bath or shower together to clean off all the make-up, sweat and dirt accumulated throughout the day. There’s something soothing about warm water, especially with the warmth created by your bodies close together!

7. Wear Special Lingerie
Ladies, make your wedding night special by wearing sexy lace underwear or anything you feel beautiful in. Clear your mind of any insecurities you have about your body for just one night and enjoy it by mentally transforming yourself into the ultimate temptress. Your husband will definitely love the new spanking attitude!

8. Feed Each Other
In addition to relaxing in a bubble bath, why not feed each other chocolate covered strawberries and take a sip of champagne while you’re at it? Alternatively, play a little game of licking sweet stuff (like chocolate syrup, honey, and whipped cream) off each other’s bodies. This helps to understand the sensitivity of your partner’s body.

Are you married yet? I’m sure you can use a combination of these wedding night secrets to having a blast on your wedding night and any other day just to stay intimately connected to your spouse.

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Written by Feso Adeniji



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