8 reasons we absolutely adore TY Bello

Hating Toyin Sokefun-Bello should be considered illegal in these parts. Like you should go to prison for even entertaining the notion.

She was born on this day 14th of January 1978, and has since been doing splendid things. This is why you need to see the many ways our birthday baby girl was born to do things.

1. She is a correct businesswoman.

At 15, she started her first business; hairstyling. This explains why her afro has been perfect since she was in the womb.

TY Bello Letter
When she was applying for her first loan

She asked her mum for a 3,500 Naira loan to expand but got 2,300 Naira instead. You don’t need to be told where her mum is from do you?

2. She is an economist.

TY Bello hair

They say that somebody with Ijebu roots goes to school to learn economics, they end up with a Masters degree because the Ijebu blood comes with a free first degree in accounting and economics. So if there’s one thing the University of Lagos must do, it is change her BSc to MSc. She’s earned it.

3. She is an amazing singer.

Ty Bello

If you know Nigerian music from the early oughties, then you’ll remember those three fine girls in black dresses with that guy in the music video singing “lets liiiiiive together.” That group was KUSH and one of them was our Toyin tomato. She even went on to have a solo career and released 2 studio albums! (No guys, none of them is talking about nyansh.)

4. She is a brilliant photographer.

You enter TY Bello’s studio as a normal human being and come out an angel in heaven.

Ty Bello Old women

or a Yoruba demon.


5. She is the iya ibeji of ages.

Ty Boys

She is the mother of the most famous twins on Nigerian Instagram. We really can’t say if the boys will ever start a boy band but what we do know is that they are already rock stars.

6. She is the ultimate happy child.

Ask everybody who has ever been in her studio.

TY photo

7. She is a philanthropist.

Ty Stage
A scene from the show, The Butcher and The Bride

No, she’s not a philanthropist by mouth. She is the director of Link-a-child, an NGO dedicated to proliferating information on orphanages in Nigeria and seeking sponsorship on their behalf.

8. She is a believer.

Her spirit, her optimism, her passion, and in all, her life speaks this every time. Whether she’s just talking about photo, or hugging Mama Ekundayo ‘the woman of many children’, you can tell she believes that there is hope for humanity.

Watch her ‘Greenland’ video here:

All images courtesy of TY Bello.



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