8 photos from Adekunle Gold’s ‘Ready’ video that perfectly capture the single struggle

The life of a single person could be many things —the path to inner peace, the I-dont-need-anyone mantra, or just pure, uncut loneliness.

single as fuck


This video from Adekunle Gold is from the latter. And we even spun off some hilarious GIFs from it.

1. When you’re trying to just be on your own but all these relationship people won’t respect themselves.

AdekunleGold single


Did they send you people to me?


2. When the thing is paining you lowkey that the inner poet starts spilling onto paper.

AdekunleGold single1


*writing love poem for imaginary bae*


3. When couples choose love over home training in your presence.

AdekunleGold single2


Wonders shall never end.


4. When you finally meet one baby angel.

AdekunleGold single7


Oluwa don pick up the call!


5. But she thinks you are the brother she never had.

AdekunleGold single3

*cries in friendzone*


6. Then it gets to a point that you start to wonder whether they are doing you from the village.



Who did I offend?


7. But you don’t know that someone somewhere is hoping to be your bae.

AdekunleGold single5 girl in love


Will you be my boo?


8. And maybe, just maybe you people will jam each other and live happily ever after.

AdekunleGold single6




Watch the video:




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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